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08 November 2009 @ 03:00 pm
Lick My Lips  

I come closer to him, put my hands on his chest and slide them to his neck wrapping them around it. I gently clench his bottom lip between my lips, pull it a little and then slowly let it slip out, sucking. Sensually lick his lips with my tongue tip, tickle them, so he quickly licks his lips too and our tongues meet for a second. He catches my tongue and stars sucking and kissing it rubbing my body in this time. Then he rubs and massages my tongue with his, sliding into my mouth deeper and deeper, so finally our lips are pressed to each other. Our breath becomes harder and hotter, we're are turning on while tasting each other, making such pretty sucking noises. Uncontrollable lustful moans. I can't stand more and reach my hand to my panties, slide them to the side and start masturbating, so does he, unzipped his pants he strokes his huge standing up dick in rhythm of our kissing. We're totally hot and horny and I even don't notice when our hands swap places and now we are masturbating to each other. Our moves get faster and faster and finally we cum together.. Oh holy shit, really, it was the most amazing and hottest kiss in my life...

Copyright LostDarkDreams