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31 December 2013 @ 11:41 am
LiberianGirls wishes you all a Happy New Year!!

If anyone has a fantasy they'd like to see published, send me a message in the new year :)

I'd like to share with you a Michael-inspired romantic fantasy written by my best friend. Trust me, this book is one you'll never forget:
20 March 2013 @ 07:06 pm
It was a cold, cloudy day in December and I just got home from work. The heater in my house stopped working. I don't have a fireplace, so I can't start a fire. I'm fucking freezing to death in there!!! I grabbed myself a blanket out of the closet and made my way to the living room to watch Law & Order. As I'm sitting here, watching t.v, I'm still shivering underneath the thick, soft blanket, so I decided to make myself a cup of coffee, 3 packs of Equal and a little bit of hazelnut cream, just the way I like it. Before I had a chance to sit back down, the doorbell rang. It was Michael. Still shivering, I let him inside. He had a very concerned look on his face. "Why are you shivering? Is it really that cold in here?", he asked. "FUCK YEAH! I'M FREEZING MY ASS OFF HERE! You wanna watch Law & Order with me?" "Sure babe." We walked back towards the living room couch and took a seat. He noticed that I was still shivering, so he wrapped his right arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I could smell the cologne hitting my nostrils. I looked at his eyes, but they were on the t.v., so I looked back at it, too. After it went on commercial, Michael turned to me, his sexy brown eyes looking down on me, and said, "Michelle, I know how you can warm up a little..." I had a puzzled look on my face as I asked myself, "How the hell is he going to warm me up a little if the heat's not working???" He turned by body around so that I was facing him and he pulled me so close to him that our chests were barely touching each other. We looked into each other's eyes for about 10 seconds before he placed a very passionate kiss upon my lips. He had one hand holding my face and the other stroking my back. That alone made me gasp in between the kiss and it raised by body temperature up a little, but I was still freezing. When he noticed my reaction, he slowly pulled away from the kiss to ask me if I was o.k. I told him that he is one hell of a kisser and turned me on when he did that. Judging by the mischievous look in his eyes, I can tell he wanted to tease me, to make me beg for him to keep on going. "You like that baby?", he asked. I nodded my head yes and he resumed kissing me, both of his hands stroking my back now. His lips moved from mine down to my neck. He was searching for that "sweet spot", which was on the left side of my neck between that space that forms when you turn your head to the right. It took him a while to find it, but when he did, it sent jolts of electricity down my spine to the most sensitive parts of my body, causing me to jerk at the feeling of it . Noticing my reaction (AGAIN?!?! REALLY???), he pulled away, looking into my eyes. I said, "W-why did you stop?" I started to cry a little because I was just about to reach my "breaking point" when he just stopped all of a sudden. He wiped the tears off my face and asked me, "Why are you crying?" "Michael, I love you very much, but when you stop doing something to me that feels so good, I...I..." Before I could finish my sentence, his lips found that special spot on my neck once again. They were oh so gentle and soft. As if by instinct, I took of my shirt. Now I was wearing nothing but a black bra and some skinny jeans. His lips moved down to my breasts as his hands were trying to unhook my bra in the back. It only took 3 seconds for him to unhook my bra and take it off. Now my milk bags were now fully exposed to him. He instantly went down to my nipples. As he sucked on one of my nipples, he used his thumb to play with the other. I was moaning very softly, as they were music to Michael's ears. "Mm-mm girl, you taste so good......", he moaned. The vibrations from his lips sent me into a state of extreme lust and desire. I was so turned on by his actions, that my body temperature rose by like 110%. That didn't stop me from letting him do his thing...

© -mjsbiggestfan97
17 October 2012 @ 08:43 pm
Dear everyone,

I was asked in 2010 to take over this blog since the original moderator was too busy. I jumped at the chance and have had the pleasure (literally) of posting many juicy fantasies since then.

Now, however, I do not write fantasies anymore and I cannot find any either. Please do not take this as a sign of my love for Michael is fading - it is not. I love him so very much and there's a tattoo on my arm to prove it now! :) But I don't have any more stories and nobody is giving me any stories, so I will not post more fantasies on this blog.

Please help yourself to the archive, the link is on the page. There you will find many good stories written by myself ("Jaylee") and others.

Thank you to all who have read and commented on the stories in the years it's been up. MichaeLOVE to you all!

15 August 2012 @ 05:46 pm
Part 9 AKA the final part!

Sighing I settled into his arms, my fingers tracing patterns on his bare chest. 

A sudden thought popped into my mind and my doodling finger stilled. 

“Hey Michael?” 


“Are you still gonna bust me out for ditching Pre-Calc?” 

Well I had to make sure…I kind of had a pristine record here, and I so did not want something as mundane as a possible suspension marring it. 

Then again, I did just sleep with the 
principal (or rather, Michael). 

A bit smattering of hypocritical, if you ask me. 

His smile remained. 

“Of course I am…I can’t have people going thinking that I’m playing favorites now, can I?” 

My smile faded. 

So much for sleeping my way out of this. 

Noticing the scowl set firmly on my face, he chuckled. 

“Of course, there are several options you could choose from.” He began as he took hold of my chin, his russet eyes leaving me breathless. 

“One you could do ten hours of community service…” 


Screw that…! 

I mean don’t get me wrong…I’m all for helping out the community and all that…you know going green and the three “R’s” 

But, once again… 


I made a face. 

“What else is there?”I asked as my hands continued exploring his naked torso. 

“You can choose to be suspended for a day…after all ditching is a very serious offense.” 

I gave him a look that said “are-you-serious?” before replying: “Is there anything else?" 

“Well there is one more thing…” he ran a hand down my back. “You could have a supervised detention…supervisde by the principal of St. Fransis…otherwise known as yours truly. However…that's only for those who had been 
really bad…” 

The word flew right out of my mouth before I could internally filter them. 

“I’ve been really bad.” I said, not missing a beat. 

Michael snorted and I felt my cheeks heat up. 

“You can say that again…” his lips curving up into a playful smirk as he suddenly began to mock me in an exaggerated caricature of my voice. “
Oh Michael…punish me…I’ve been soooo naughty….oh Michael…! Spank me Michael, Spank ME!!!” 

I instantly smacked him, hard, on his bare chest. 

“I did NOT say 
all of that!” I protested as he laughed out loud. 

“You might as well have.” he snorted. 

I pouted. 

“Well you know what…I can’t really help it…it’s your fault really.”I continued. “Actually, it’s your fault that I got in trouble in the first place. 

“Oh really now?” he quirked his eyebrow in interest. “How so?” 

Well, I figured there was no harm in me telling him now, after all he literally did make my dreams come true. 

“Um…well,” I began nervously. “I was kinda caught having a fantasy about you in Pre-Calc…and I was so embarrassed I ended up ditching for the rest of the week.” 

His eyes widened in shock before they darkened. Shaking his head he chuckled. 

“Girl, you worst off than I thought.” 

“Well, can you blame me?” I retorted as I rose up to look him in the eyes. “Just look at you…your so damn
beautiful…you’ve got half of the school going out of their minds.” 

“Not as beautiful as you.” He said simply, and felt myself momentarily breathless. 

“So gorgeous…” he breathed as he stroked my cheek with his hand. “The first time I laid eyes on you, I knew I had to have you for myself.” 


His lips found mine again, and it was as if we were kissing for the very first time. 

I sighed when we broke apart…a big ass grin now on my face. 

Dreams, I guess, really do come true, eh? 

“So I’ve decided…” I announced. 

“Decided what?” 

“My consequence.” 


“So now my question for you now is this: when do we start?” 

Just as I finished my inquiry, the shrill sound of the final bell rang, indicating the end of the school day. 

Damn…we had been in here that long? 

Michael turned to me and grinned. 

“Right now, baby.” 

With that he was on me again, his eyes glinting with intent as they ran over my still naked form. 

“But first things first: tell me about this 
fantasy of yours…”He whispered as he began placing kisses down my neck. 

I smirked. 

“Well, it started off with you asking me who my 
daddy was…”


© illusion

27 July 2012 @ 09:15 pm
Part 8

I cried out brokenly when he suddenly picked up the pace, my head falling back as I shut my eyes tightly, his name a fervent mantra falling from my lips. 

I yelped when I felt a slight tug on my hair, and my eyes shot open to see Michael scowling sexily, his brows furrowed from his efforts from the waist down. 

“You keep your eyes open…” he ordered, his rough voice leaving no room for argument. “…while I’m 
fucking you…” With that he punctuated his words with a tantalizing rotation of his hips, before plunging mercilessly into me once more. 


It took everything within me not to cum right then and there.

But he was not making it easy at all; his grunts and high pitched groans as he ravaged my body had me feeling so fucking turned on, my head just about spun right off. 

“Ah—!” I yelped startled when I suddenly found myself sitting on top of him; Michael had flipped us over so suddenly. 

Nerves seized me slightly as I suddenly felt overexposed; being naked on a desk or underneath him was one thing. 

But sitting on top of him? 

I felt as his eyes could literally see right through me; despite the obvious I felt woefully 

His hands firmly gripped my hips as he hungrily looked up at me, his lips curving up into a delicious smirk that instantly made me unbearably wet. 

Ride me.” He demanded, and just like that I felt my nervousness begin to ebb away as I watched him lick his lips. 

A little shaky at first, I began to move on top of him, groaning loudly as he sank into me. 

The best part about being on top of Michael was getting to watch him make those sexy faces I was quickly growing to love…especially the one he was making right now, with his lips curled up into a slight snarl and his eyes dark and hooded with lust. 

“So…damn… beautiful girl…” he groaned fervently as he hypnotically reached up for my breasts, causing me to arch into his heated palms. 

At this point I was so close…my thighs were shaking with anticipation as I began to roll my hips wildly against his, my hands splayed across his firm chest. 

God…oh Michael…! I sobbed as I began to feel my orgasm overtake me, my body shuddering uncontrollably. 

Before I could ride out the last waves of bliss, Michael had me underneath him once again, placing my legs on his shoulder before resuming in “fucking my brains out”. 

I nearly screamed and I found myself biting on Michaels shoulder in order to stifle myself. 

"B-baby...!" he rasped as he strained against me. " Baby...look at how I'm lovin' you..."

Against my better judgment I did, and I nearly passed out at the sight of him sliding wetly in and out of me. 

I moaned as I helplessly rolled my hips, meeting his strong thrusts as my eyes remained glued to our co mingling hips. 

God…” he groaned, his neck and facial muscles tense as he moved against me. “I-I don’t understa-and…!” He gasped loudly, causing my entire body to hum in pleasure. “You…you g-got me goin’…goin’ crazy…ah fu-ck!” 

His hips were now moving at a nearly impossible pace, and I was squealing, gasping, and crying out nearly every second. 

“Ooo…” he hissed, his lips jutted out in a impassioned pout as his thrusts grew irratic and out of control. “
Ba-by, I cain’t hold ba-ack…Imma…Im—!” 

With a loud cry of my name, his suddenly locked his hips into mine, grinding into them firmly as his orgasm hit him hard, his hips pumping shallowly as he hotly came inside of me. 

With that I felt my walls clench tightly around him as his orgasm induced my own, and I cried out him name with tears in my eyes as by back arched almost painfully. 

He collapsed on me, and our bodies laid satiated in a hot jumbled heap on his couch as we both struggled to regain the ability to breathe after…well…attaining heaven on earth. 

It was after several thick moments that followed thereafter that I was struck the heavy reality of what just happened. 

And that things had the potential to become very awkward…very fast. 

I couldn’t let that happen….this so far had been the best thing to have happened to me in my entire life; I had to keep the magic going so to speak. 

Of course, knowing me when I do open my mouth, anything is liable to happen. 

Including me being dumber than ever. 

“So you’re a screamer…” I murmered unthinkingly, my brain having yet to become un-mushified. “I totally had you pegged as the panting type.” 

Stunned silence. 

Oh dear God, how the hell did I manage to effectively ruin the afterglow in a matter of seconds? 

I wanted to die from mortification. 

As I began to curl myself up into a ball, I heard this strange noise coming from Michael…that sounded like he was…choking…? 

I looked up to see him spasming next to me, rolling around his back with…

“Oh my GOD!” he gasped as his chortles echoed loudly in my ears. 

“Um…heh…heh heh heh?” I attempted to laugh along, albeit lamely as I was still shocked by his unexpected reaction. 

After several long moments filled with his loud chuckles, he suddenly sighed before giggling lightly, shaking his head amusedly as he smiled down at me. 

“Girl,” he began, as he sweetly ran his fingers lightly against the naked skin of my arm. “Just what am I gonna do with you?” he sighed. 

Noticing the glint in my eyes he smirked, his perfect teeth gleaming in the dim light. 

“Don’t answer that.” 


And I had some good ideas too… 

© illusion

16 July 2012 @ 09:46 pm
Part 7

could feel my entire body flushing I became more and more inebriated from pleasure with each trembling stroke. 

Suddenly I felt my hand being torn away from my heat; my confused squeak however turned into a gasp as I felt Michael’s fingers replace mine, delving insistently into my heat. 

I was struggling to breathe; I just couldn’t seem to get air into my lungs because Michael had me gasping, squealing and choking nonstop. 

With a slight groan, Michael pulled out his fingers from me once more, but before I could cry out in frustration he quickly replaced them with his mouth. 

HolysweetmotherofGOD!” My mind screamed, as he began to suck on my cl!t. 

I couldn’t think; I couldn’t breath …I couldn’t do anything coherently except cry out his name. 

Those damn secretaries were getting quite the show. 

“Oh god! Ohgodohgodohgod…
oh god!” I cried deliriously, my head turning back forth as Michael’s tongue continued to wreck havoc on my aching core. 

Michael was like a man possessed; sucking, biting, and tasting me like I was like his first meal in years. I never imagined that any man would get this much into giving a woman pleasure; then again, Michael was not like most men. 

“Mmhm…” he moaned against me, sending a delightful tremor up my spine. “Baby…let go for me…” 

That did it.

At the sound of Michael’s rough voice, I felt my body spasming uncontrollably as I was overcome by a wave of pleasure so intense, my back arched almost painfully as I cried out Michael’s name. 

I don’t know how long I was up there for, but I soon felt myself slowly floating back to Earth. I opened up my eyes, and my heart started racing at the sight that met my eyes. 

Michael looked absolutely 
ravenous, his eyes burning into mine…suddenly giving me the impression of a panther 0about to stealthily claim it’s prey. 


Without warning he suddenly pounced, his lips colliding into mine hungrily as his strong arms crushed my body against his in a full body embrace that literally set me on fire. 

“Irene…baby… I need you...right now....” He whimpered in between kisses. “ I need…to be…inside of you. 

Oh my god…this man and his 

I swear to god that he is the only man I know who can practically impregnate me with a mere statement. 


Needless to say, I found myself completely mindless from the pleasure his hands (and words) continued to produce.

So caught up in him in fact, I barely even noticed that he had picked me up again, until I suddenly felt my back collide with the soft fabric of his office sofa. 

Makes sense…a sofa would probably be a lot more comfortable than a mahogany desk….just saying. 

Feeling a bit bold, I forcefully dragged him down so he was mostly laying on top of me, my hands dancing frantically down the length of his back as I met his searching kisses with just as much fervor. 

“Fuck…!” Michael hissed, as I suddenly felt his hardness pressed against my warmth, causing me to nearly lose my mind. “Oh…

I felt Michael abruptly move away from me, and it suddenly clicked. I sat up, before grabbing his arm. At his confused expression I elaborated. 

“It’s okay, Michael…I’m protected. Now co ‘mere and make me a woman.” I demanded playfully before tugging him towards me again. He hesitated only briefly, before his eyes darkened, gleaming with intent and effectively turning me into an Irene puddle. 

He licked his lips naughtily before he sprung, and the next thing I knew I was on my back with Michael hovering over me, making love to my entire body with his hands, lips and tongue; reducing my body into a quivering mass.. 

“Oh...God mmm…baby 
please…” I heard myself babbling incoherently as his hands found my soaked warmth again, driving me absolutely insane. 

He chuckled maliciously as he teasingly ceased his delicious torment, much to my chagrin. 

“What was that 
darlin’?” he breathed against the shell of my ear, as his hand ghosted across the skin of my inner thigh. “Please what…?” 

He smirked when I gave him another unintelligible response, my stomach quivering slightly as he ran his other hand across it.

What a goddamn tease…! 

“Damn it Michael…!” I finally groaned out in frustration, my head falling back against the sofa. 

“No need to get angry now…I just asked a simple question.” His large palm slipped down my hip to brazenly cup my derriere. “And I expect an answer…” 

f-uck me

No, really…I mean it this time. 

“Mmmm…baby…you like it when I touch you like this…” he boldly assumed as his fingers suddenly plunged into my warmth. “Don’t you…? 

“Nn…Ah God…
yessss…!” I cried out, as my hips began rocking insistently against his talented fingers. 

“Say it baby…
scream it for me…” The pace of his fingers increased. 

Holy motheropf$^&#&*@!!! 

“A-Ah God…Michael…!” 

At that point I could’ve cared less if the fucking janitors heard us. 

Just when I was about to enter that euphoric place once more, he pulled his hands away. 

Reclining on his knees, he slowly drew my legs apart; his movements shaky from his unbridled excitement. 

Settling himself in between, I soon felt his hard length throbbing against my aching warmth, sending a pleasurable jolt down my spine. 

I couldn’t belive this was actually happening…! 

However, I found myself feeling pangs of apprehension as I was sudden very aware of several things. 

I was a virgin.

Michael was effing enormous. 

And common sense dictated that there was a very high probability that this was probably going to fucking 

Just how the hell was this going to work? 

I guess Michael sensed the shift in my mood, because he then took up one of my hands in his larger one, bringing it to his lips in a gesture that made my eyes sting from impending tears. 

“Irene…you’re gonna have to 
relax…I don’t want to hurt you…so you’re just gonna have to do this…okay?” he coaxed, with a tiny reassuring smile. 

I nodded with a shaky “Okay” before I felt myself beginning to relax.

With that he slowly began to push inside of me…and I felt myself instantly tearing up. 

Good God…I didn’t think it would hurt so damn much! 

Then again…I also didn’t think I’d be losing my virginity to the ultimate man in every sense of the word, either.

I bit my lip as I willed myself not to let anymore tears spill forth. 

“Irene…” Michael sighed as he lovingly caressed my hip as he stilled, unable to go any further for the time being. “You gotta open up for me baby.” 

I suddenly felt a shock of pleasurable heat streak throughout my body at his arousing words; the initial pain was beginning to wear off into a dull throb. 

t-tight…!He hissed as he pushed the rest of the way, leaving me feeling pleasantly full. 

I could feel the muscles in his arms quivering slightly as he fought the urge to begin moving inside of me. However, the feeling of him throbbing him inside of me now completely overrode any pain. 

So with that, I found myself giving an experimental roll of my hips, only to moan slightly at the sensation. 

“M-Michael…” I sighed when I pushed against him again. “I’m okay…you can—” 

I couldn’t even finish what I was gonna say because Michael had then rolled his hips in a sharp thrust that had rendered me utterly speechless. 

Jesus…!” I hissed when he did it again; only this time in a way where his thick manhood pleasantly seemed to stroke every inch inside of me. 

At the sound of my hissed cry, Michael began to set a tantalizingly slow pace that drove me absolutely crazy. 

I never even dreamed that a man could have possibly moved his hips in the way Michael was; his hips seemed almost not attached to his body with the way they moved so fluidly in between my legs. 

“Nnn…baby…” he groaned as his manly hands smoothed down my quivering thighs, before he lifted my legs higher up around his slim waist. “
Ah…wrap your legs tight ‘round me darlin’…”

I immediately did as he asked, and I cried out as I felt him hitting a spot I didn’t even know I had as he sunk in deep with every focused stroke. 

“A-ah…mmm…girl …feel so damn 
good…” he moaned brokenly as he suddenly ground his hips in a circular motion against me before he resumed in his strong, seamless thrusts into my soaked heat. 

It must have been Sunday morning up in that room, ‘cause with the way Michael was pounding into me I could’ve sworn I was speaking in tongues. 

Man, someone is going to have to cart me out after this… 

I’m not going to be able to walk for fucking weeks.

© illusion

01 July 2012 @ 08:33 pm
Part 6

I reached out and grasped him firmly in my hand, before I decided to test the waters and leaned foward, placing my mouth on the tip of him. 

Michael suddenly jolted at the sensation of my warm mouth on him, I decided that I very much liked his reaction. 

I did it again only this time I opened my mouth a little wider and took more of him in, all while stroking him with my hand. 

"N-nhh...mmm..baby--a-ah!" Michael sputtered incoherently above me. 

I decided to be a little naughty. 

"Mmm..." I hummed against him before giving him one long stroke. "Ah...do you 
like that?" I asked him when I pulled away for a moment. 

god yessss..." he moaned as he grimaced with pleasure, his lips curving up into a delectable pout. 

I was so turned on by this point, I was dizzy...and it only served to make me want to bring Michael that much closer to paradise. And if his cresendoing squeals of delight were any indication, he was 
very close

"A-aah...b-baby I'm gonna...I-I'm gonna...
ahhhh--!" he cried out before he stiffened, and I felt him release, his body shuddering uncontrollably. 

A few moments passed as he began to come back down from his peak, and I squirmed where I still knelt in front of him, my breathing harsh from what I just did and the fact that was I so incredibly aroused by it. 

God, I wanted him...
needed him so badly. 

When Michael looked down at me, I felt my insides melt at the completely satisfied look he gave me, however, a dark hungry look passed over his eyes as he licked his lips. 

Darlin..." he practically purred as his fingers began to work at the buttons on his shirt. "We have a problem." 

At my slight confusion (probably due to my being distracted by his impromptu stripping), he smirked as his eyes gleamed maliciously. He threw off his now unbuttoned shirt, taking his white undershirt with it as well before he stepped out of his pants gathered around his feet; leaving him now completely naked. 

Oh sweet mother of God...! 

The next thing I knew he had me on the desk again. 

"You have too many damn clothes 
on..." he growled as his lips hungrily found mine again. 

Within seconds my shirt practically ripped off of my body, and my bra soon followed thereafter, leaving me naked from the waist up. 

Michael made a strangled sound in throat before his big hands found their way on my breasts again.

"Mmm...you're so fucking gorgeous..." he moaned as he ran his thumbs over my nipples again, teasing them mercilessly as he began to kiss his way down my neck. 

I swear I was just about to lose my mind when Michael's lips suddenly found their way on my heaving breasts, and he soon worked his way down until captured an aching nipple into his hot mouth. 

Oh God...!" I cried out as he began to do things with his mouth that I only dreamed of. "M-Michael!" 

"Mmm.." he groaned against me, looking as if he had really struck paradise. 

I was driven nearly incoherent as he began licking, biting and teasing one of my nipples with his teeth, as he still continued to tease the other with his hand. My mouth fell open when he suddenly made eye contact with me before he sucked hard, taking me into his mouth. 

Fuuu-ck!" I moaned as my head fell back, completely overcome with mind numbing pleasure. 

"Girl, you make me wanna...mmm" He groaned mindlessly as he deft fingers continue to pull and tug at my nipples. 

His hand had slowly started to make it's way down, caressing my flesh as it passed over it, and I soon felt his fingers massaging my inner thigh...drawing closer and closer to where I wanted him so desperately. 

My eyes shot open, before they rolled back at the sudden feel of him caressing my heat though my panties. 

"Nnn.. Michael...! 
Please..." I groaned as my I involuntarily began to move my hips against his hand. 

Michael released my nipple from his mouth, his mouth curved into a wicked grin. 

"Please what baby?" With that he suddenly ground the heel of his hand against my throbbing heat, causing me to arch my back considerably as I moaned loudly. 

God...! Michael...!" 

I guess he decided that he was done with teasing me because he then quickly stripped me of my socks and shoes, before he took off my plaid skirt, taking my panties with it.

Somewhere in the back of mind I vaguely acknowledged that I probably should have been nervous, as I now was sitting completely naked in front of Michael. 

But at this point I was too far gone to feel self-conscious. 

Michael’s eyes widened as he sucked in a sharp breath, as his eyes hungrily roamed over the curves of my body. He licked his lips when his eyes landed on the small thatch of curls at the apex of my thighs. 

His eyes met mine again and I found myself breathless at the amount of lust and desire the swirled in their deep brown depths. 

He reached out to cradle the back of my head, before his lips captured mine in an almost bruising kiss, and I instinctively wove my hands into his thick curly hair. 

Breathing heavily, he deliriously smoothed his hands down over my curves, making a pit stop at my breasts, before dancing across the flat plane of my stomach, and then cupping my hips lovingly.

My God…” he breathed when he parted my thighs, revealing my secret place to his devouring gaze. 

A-aaah!”I choked out as his fingers delved into my heat. His eyes widened in shock as he felt how wet I was, before they darkened to almost black. 

So fucking wet …” he hissed as his fingers began to expertly stroke my heat “Mmm.. you are so wet for me baby…” 

I was so utterly consumed by mind numbing pleasure his fingers induced on my being; my cries of pleasures were completely nonsensical. 

However, my eyes flew right open when he suddenly ceased his blissful torment. 

“Whaa…why’d you stop?” I rasped, my vocal cords staring to fail me as I looked at him dazedly. 

His eyes were clouded, and his jaw was tight as his eyes ran over my prone naked form, reclined on his desk. He licked his lips. 

“Irene…baby…” he moaned huskily as he distractedly reached up to tweak a nipple. His eyes burned into mine. “I want…I want to watch you touch yourself.” 

My jaw dropped. 

Homie say WHAT?! 

I began to shake my head, my eyes wide as I waved my hands frantically. 

“No…no way…I am not—no…no…I c-can’t…I—” 

“—Irene…” Michael’s finger found its way on my full lips, effectively silencing me. His eyes turned soft and pleading; I knew that I was screwed. “Please…could you do it…for me? I want to know how you like to be touched baby.” 

Oh god…how could I say no to that? Especially when he was now making those damn puppy eyes at me… 

I can’t believe I’m about to do this…’I thought as I let Michael gently lower me on the desk, and I let my legs fall open, now nervous as all hell. At my hesitance he cupped my cheek gently, before lips brushed softly against my forehead. 

“Show me baby…show me how you want me to touch you…” he whispered, and I found my self letting out a shuddering breath, turned on by his whispered words. 

With that, I shakily ran a hand down my body, smoothing over my stomach before it backtracked and whispered across the skin of my breast. Now on a mission, my hand squeezed the flesh gently, before my fingers began to encircle my nipple lightly and then giving the bud a light tug. 

From where Michael stood above me, I could hear him take a sharp intake of breath. 

I suddenly felt strangely empowered by what I was doing; that I was able to have this much of an effect on him.

While my hand continued to occupy itself with my breast, the other began to move southward; over the smooth plane of my stomach before it reached the apex of my thighs. 

With a shaky breath, my fingers tentatively began to stroke my heat, and I looked up to see Michael watching the movement of my hand with a hungry, almost desperate look in his eyes. 

With a moan, I let my head fall back against the desk as my fingers continued to stoke the every growing fire that threatened to consume me. 

While I was pleasuring myself I could hear Michael making these sharp noises above me, and fueled by his reaction I suddenly sunk two fingers into my heat, causing me to moan loudly as my back arched off the desk. 

Shit…” I heard him gasp above me, before I heard him release a shuddering breath. 

I opened my eyes and nearly came right then and there; Michael was now stroking himself lightly in front of me, his eyes focused intently on my fingers slipping in and out of my wet warmth. 

I had never seen anything more erotic in my life.

© illusion

24 June 2012 @ 03:52 pm
Part 5

I don't know what came over me; I guess his words had sent me over the edge, cause next thing I knew I had yanked him by his collar and dragged his mouth firmly onto mine. 

There were no possible words I could have used to describe how it felt to finally have his lips on mine. Mr. Jackson had briefly been caught off guard, but a few moments into it he immediately took control of the kiss, causing me to practically melt into a puddle at the feel of his soft warm lips sensuously caressing mine. 

I felt his hands slowly sliding up my frame, and I gasped as I suddenly felt his hands on my breasts, loving them manually. Taking advantage of my surprise he sneakily slipped his tongue in between my lips, invariably deepening our kiss.

"Nnn..ah Mr. Jackson..!" I moaned as the pads of his thumbs began to tease my nipples, which were straining against the thin cotton of my shirt. 

"Mmm.." he groaned against my mouth as he continued to wreak havoc on my mind, body and soul. "You like that?" he asked huskily with his voice about an octave deeper, and I could feel him smirking darkly against my mouth. 

...yesss...Mr. Jackson..." I hissed as another shock of pleasure shot through 
me, settling in the heat between my legs where it sizzled and throbbed. 

He made a strangled sound before he tore his lips from my mouth, his eyes wild with passion. 

"Baby...my name is Michael..." he rasped before his lips ravaged mine again. "Mr. Jackson...is...my father." he groaned in between kisses. 

Without warning, he suddenly tucked his hands into where my thigh met my rear and deftly picked me up. My legs automatically wrapped around his narrow waist as he quickly crossed the length of the room, before arriving at his desk. 

He muttered a couple of curses under his breath before he swept everything on the desk onto the floor with a loud crash, before he set me down on the now clear desk.

I looked up at him dazedly, and I was vaguely aware that my lips were swollen from his insistent kisses. 

I had never felt more alive. 

With hunger in his eyes, he bit his lip as he slid his hands down from my hips to my thighs, parting my legs slightly before settled himself in between them. Like a man possessed, his hands instantly found themselves on my breasts again. 

"Damn girl..." he moaned."You make me wanna do things your mama warns you about..." 

I swear I was gonna effing melt in his hands. 

And then all of a sudden he was on me, all over me, and driving me up the wall with bliss. With a sudden burst of strength, he slid me across the desk towards him, my butt making a squeaking noise as it slid against the polished surface. Embarrassed, I giggled slightly, however, it soon gave way to a gasp as I suddenly felt his leg firmly pressed up against my throbbing heat. 

God..!" I cried out as he insistently pressed his leg against me, before his lips captured mine in a hungry kiss. 

He can't help you now..." he murmured wickedly against my lips. 

I moaned helplessly; by this point my panties were completely 

I was so far gone by this point, I barely even noticed when he took hold of one of my hands, placing it on his firm chest. 

However, I did notice when all of a sudden he took my hand and placed it on him, which throbbed warmly beneath my palm. 


"Mmm...baby...look what you've done to me..." he moaned as he looked into my glazed over eyes, his own eyes peering up at me through his lashes. "It's all your fault..." 

I felt my womanhood suddenly tighten and release at his highly arousing words, and I helplessly began to roll my hips into his leg. 

Michael groaned and he rested his head on my forehead. Underneath my palm I felt him twitch. 

"Nn..girl..." he moaned before he spoke again, his voice deepened and rough. " So what are you gon do 'bout it?

M-Michael..." I sighed as lips began to caress the feminine curve of my neck once more. 

I didn't know how much more I could take of this... 

"Girl..." he suddenly hissed, snapping me slightly out of my lust induced haze. 
"G-get on your knees." 

At that moment I swore my brain literally exploded. I probably sat there gaping at him for a good five minutes.

However it was his amused chuckled that snapped me out of it. 

"Girl, it ain't gon fix itself...now git on your knees...!" 

With that, I slowly began to slide off his desk and I fell quickly to my knees, as my legs were very unsteady. Placing my hands on either side his hips, I found myself face to face with the one thing that I had longed for since, well practically forever. I bit my lip as I eyed the very impressive looking bulge that strained against the confines of his pants. However, despite my obvious want for him, I could feel a wave of nervousness seize my form. 

I looked up at Michael to see him staring at me, his eyes heavy with want and desire. I felt a pleasurable shiver shoot down my spine. 

Undress me." he growled and I felt my jaw slacken. 

"Not yet, girl..." he chuckled before he reached down to grab my shaking hand, placing it on him once more. When my hand didn't make a move he smirked. 

"You do know how to use a zipper right?" he teased. "You know...you take it...and you pull on it...and then you go up...and down..." 

I'm pretty sure he wasn't just talking about a fucking zipper. 

"I know how to use a fucking zipper, smartass." I muttered as I reached and began to undo the button on his pants. 

"What was that darlin?" 

nothing...!" I chimed, before I scowled again.

Nervousness had suddenly taken hold of me; I had never been with a man like this before...and now my lack of experience was now manifesting into an anxious apprehension. 

My hands were now shaking so bad, I couldn't even grab onto the goddamn zipper. 

I think Michael sensed some of my apprehension, because I soon felt his hand slip under my chin, forcing me to look up into his swirling eyes. 

relax." he coached as he stroked the skin of my cheek with his thumb. "Don't worry...it doesn't bite...unless you want it to..." 

And there went that fucking smirk again. 

All of the smirking was starting to seriously piss me off...how dare he be so damn cocky? 

Pun kinda intended. 

So then I ended up surprising him( and myself) by suddenly ripping off his pants as fast as humanly possible and them reaching into his boxers, going straight for the gold. 

"Ah--f-uck!" he gasped as I wrapped my hand around him. 

As for me, I was literally stunned into silence.

He was so fucking big...and I feel his thick length pulse hotly in my grip. I shifted slightly on my knees in order to stave off the rush of warm wetness I felt gathering in between my legs. 

I felt his large hand suddenly cover mine, and I was thankful as I had no idea what I was doing. 

this..." he instructed, his voice strained, as he began to move my hand slowly on his length. 

I was a fast learner though, and soon his hand left mine and buried into my hair, as he began moaning and gasping brokenly at my ministrations, his hips pumping into my hand. 

Listening to his grunts and gasps had me so helplessly aroused, I couldn't help but squeeze him tightly as I worked my way up from the base to the tip. 

Ohhh...baby....mmhm..." he moaned brokenly as his grip tightened in my hair, the slight pain strangely turning me on. "Just...like...th-hat..." 

I felt a wicked smirk form on my face as well. 

Who knew that a girl like me could inevitably bring a man like Michael to such a frenzied state? 

I felt so fucking 

And those faces he was making...I looked up every so often to see him standing there with a look of sheer 
bliss on his face; with his mouth dropped slightly opened and his eyes heavy lidded, rolling back into his head every so often with a sexy groan. 

However, my little slice of Michael heaven was soon interrupted when he took hold of my shoulder, pulling me away from him slightly. 

"Mmm gurl...
ahh..." he groaned as I continued to stroke him. "I want...I w-want you to use your mouth." 

My hand immediately stopped.

My fucking nerves crept on me again. 

However, Michael wasn't as patient as he was before. 

And when I looked up, he was giving me the biggest puppy eyes I had 
ever seen period...let alone on a grown ass man. 

"Please baby...I need you so 

Well...since he asked so nicely... 

I found myself giving in, and I willed away any traces of nervousness. 

And I slowly, but surely began to pull down his boxers... 

Inch by inch... 

By now the anticipation was killing us both...

I was almost there...just a little bit more and.... 


Michael Jr. got me right in the fucking eye. 


"Ahhhhh!" I screamed as my hand shot up to my left eye that was now starting to water painfully. 

"Oh...baby what happened...?!" Michael cooed as he suddenly knelt down and began to wipe away some of the tears that had escaped down my cheek. He looked down before his brow furrowed worriedly. "Oh geez...did I get you?" 

Nooooo...I just like to scream for the heck of it and I have a problem with randomly watering eyes whenever it just so happens that I'm about to give someone a blowjob. 

What do you 

Of course didn't say any of this out loud...hel-loooo? Moodkiller much? 

No, instead I found myself nodding pitifully in response to Michael's question, wincing slightly. 

Man, that thing sure did pack quite a wallop... 

"Oh...um...well I guess it did bite you after all." he lightly chuckled attempting to lighten the mood. 

I shot him a look that said "I is not amused". Michael cleared his throat in order to stifle his laughter. 

"I'm sorry baby...that wasn't funny..." he sighed. "Could we just try this again?" 

At my hesitation he continued. 

"I promise he'll behave this time." he said with a wink. 

I looked up at him, albeit with one good eye. 

"You promise?" I asked, making sure. I kinda needed to have my other eye safe from ninja penis attacks.

Better to be safe than sorry ya'll. 

Say no to drugs. 

Michael's eyes softened, and I felt my heart leap. 

God he was beautiful. 

"Yes, I promise...now 
com'ere girl..." 

I resettled myself in front of Michael, now eye to eye with Michael's throbbing length...much bigger than I initially thought. 

No way I was gonna be able to fit my mouth on that thing. 

But I was determined...and when there's a will there's a way.

© illusion

05 June 2012 @ 07:53 pm
Part 4

I found my self fervently whispering a silent prayer to heavens, praying that for once I wouldn't do something to complete screw whatever this was up. 

'Please...pleasepleasepleaes pleaaaaasse!' 

"Please what?" his sultry tenor voice cut through my thoughts. 

Oh God, I did 
not say that out loud! 

what?" he asked again, his eyes lighting up mischievously as a smirk spread across his lips. 

Wait...hold up...! 

He thought this was funny? 

no... that man has another think coming! 

With a smirk of my own, I spoke without thinking: 

punish me." 

A couple seconds later, I realized the stupidity of my actions. 

Who the hell goes and says things like 

I probably just completely ruined whatever "mood" we had going just moments earlier. 

God, a lightning bolt would be pretty neat right about now... 

However, to my surprise he didn't laugh or shrink away like I had anticipated he would. Instead his eyes darkened considerably as he sexily tucked the corner of his bottom lip between his teeth. 

Com'ere gurl." he commanded, and I felt my insides turn to mush. 

Boy ain't gotta tell me twice!

His large hands suddenly found their way onto my hips, before he tugged me into his warm body. 

Oh sweet Jesus...I can't believe this is actually happening! 

But, like clockwork, an annoying thing called a conscience decided at the moment to chime in. 

I opened my mouth to make room for the stupidity that was invariably going to flow out. 

"W-wait...!" I whimpered as I felt his lips ghost the shell of my ear. "T-the secretaries. They’re right outside and..." 

He chuckled, his chest rumbling slightly. 

"Mmm, that's what locks are for 
darlin'" he breathed as his hands slowly caressed the small of my back, completely distracting me.

Don’t worry,” he leaned in to whisper conspringly into my ear, a wicked smirk set firmly into place. “I’ll try not to make you scream…too loud.” 

I swear at moment, my eyes literally popped out of my head. I was so not prepared for Mr. Jackson sexing me with his words. 

However, I had no time to ponder this development, 'cause next thing I knew he had me up against the nearest wall, so rough in his movements that we accidentally knocked his bulletin board right off of its hook in the wall. Papers went flying everywhere. 

I could now feel nearly every inch of him pressed up against me, and could feel myself growing faint. 

However, the sound of the bulletin board falling to the ground seemed to have snapped Mr. Jackson out of his trance, and without warning he leaped away from me, his eyes wide with trepidation. 

'No wait...! Come back!' I inwardly screamed as my hands instinctively reached and latched onto his shirt. 

"Oh my God...I'm-I'm sorry...I don't know what came over me..." he stuttered as he placed a disbelieving palm to his forehead. 


Oh my 
God Mr. Jackson...don't you grow a conscience now...of all times! 

"What am I doing...what are we doing? This is wrong..." 

'But it feels so riiight...!' my mind sang. 

Sorry; couldn't help it....the moment called for it. 

"...I feel like I'm taking advantage of you..." he lamented, his eyes now glittering with a wet sheen. 

What the--? 

Was this man bi-polar or what? Cause just moments ago the man was 'bout ready to rip my clothes off and make me a woman...what fucking gives?! 

"Mr. Jackson...can I ask you something?" I heard my self say. 

Looks like I was going to have to take matters in my own hands...well er...um...you know what I mean. 

Or do you...? 

Tee hee... 

He silently waited for me to continue, nervously biting his bottom lip. 

"Do I look... like I'm being taken advantage of?" I asked raising a delicate eyebrow, as I then looked at my hands that were still clenching his white collared shirt. 

He too looked at my hands before his eyes found mine again, wide and somewhat childlike. 

"Um...yes?" he asked as if he didn't quite know the answer, but replied anyway.

I resisted the urge to chuckle. Who knew he could be so gosh darn cute? 

I found myself fighting the sudden urge to reach out and pinch his cheeks as I found myself staving off a proverbial swoon. 

Mr. Jackson trying to protect my virtue...! 

If it weren't for the fact that I was so damn horny, I might've found something of that nature to be quite... romantic. 

"Mr. Jackson...I can guarantee you right now that there is no possible way you could take advantage of me." I assured him as I tugged him closer. "How could you...when I'm standing right here perfectly willing?" 

That damn conscience was one stubborn bastard. 

I could see him visibly gulping as he mulled over my words. 

"But I'm the adult in this situation...I shouldn't be allowing this sort of thing--" 

Oh no he 

"With all due respect Mr. Jackson...shut up." 

His eyes widened almost comically in his surprise, and I placed a placating finger on his mouth when he started to protest. "You and I both know that is complete and total bullshit...besides, I'm eighteen; an adult in the eyes of the law." 

I didn't know where all of this boldness was coming from, but at that point I could really care less. 

Because at the moment, I knew what I wanted. And I was damn well gonna get 

"So..." I breathed against the shell of his ear, a smug grin spreading across my face when I felt him shudder slightly. "What are you waiting for...?"

I leaned in so my body was now pressed tightly against his. My smirk grew wicked as I made eye contact. 

Punish me." 

As soon as the words left my mouth, something snapped within him...and the next thing I knew we were up against the wall again, his hands running helplessly across my body. 

I felt myself sigh breathlessly as his lips danced along the column of my neck, nibbling slightly. 

"Mmm, girl..." he sighed as his hands slid down the small of my back before they rested on the curve of my derriere.”I see you everyday walkin around this school like you own the place...and I can't begin to tell you how many times I've wanted to take you somewhere and 
have my way with you..." he groaned, and I felt my body react immediately to his words. 

He licked his lips, his eyes now hungrily eyeing my breasts. His eyes met mine, swirling with lust. 

"Girl... when I'm through with you...you ain't gonna walk straight for days..." he groaned huskily as he pressed himself firmly into me, and my eyes widened at the wholly male feel of him pressing insistently into my thigh. 

Oh sweet mother of Jesus! 

"So girl," he rasped with a sexy smirk, as his large hands began to knead my derriere, causing me to moan slightly. "How do you want to be punished...do you want it fast...or do you want me to draw it out...so you can feel it across every inch. Of. Your. 

Could I go with an option C? All of the above? 

My God... I wanted this man so effing badly I was practically hallucinating. 

"Then again it doesn't really matter does it...?" There went that smirk again. He leaned in to whisper in my ear, causing me to shiver. "
Imma make you scream for me either way..." 

That's it. I've officially died and gone to heaven.

© illusion

27 May 2012 @ 10:10 pm
Part 3

I reached the main office after what seemed like forever, yet at the same time not long enough. 

I approached the front desk, shaking like a crack addict going through withdrawal. 

"H-hi I'm here t-to see M-M-Mr. Jacks-on...?" my voice cracked and died, causing me to squeak out his name an octave higher than normal. 

Ah...damn it Irene...pull it together! 

The older secretary, with a big, blonde mass of hair that just screamed "80's reject", looked up from her computer screen, her eyes barely glazing over my form. 

"Oh...yes. Mr. Jackson will see you in a minute...he's finishing up a personal call right now." she explained, her clear disinterest dripping with each word. "Why don't ya take a seat over there hun." she directed towards some rather comfy looking arm chairs. I was more than happy to oblige; my legs felt like they were going to fall off. 

Walking over to a green armchair, I instinctively held onto the edge of my uniform skirt before I unceremoniously plopped down on the chair. 

As I sat there, I suddenly found myself pondering the words of the secretary. 

He's finishing up a personal call right now. 

What else could that mean...it's not like he was talking to his 
mom* or something. 

Right then and there, I felt a part of me wither away and die; I found myself shaking my head at my wishful thinking. 

Of course a man like him had a girlfriend...I mean just look at him! 

He's kind, funny, great with kids (from what I know), and a total sweetheart who really cares about people. 

And he'd never even look at someone like me. 

However, I didn't have time to wallow in my suddenly depressing thoughts, 'cause all of a sudden I heard a loud booming voice echo from the other side of the door to his office. 


Holy sh!t...how did he know I was already here? 
Slightly stunned I slowly got up and walked toward the door, my hands shaking as I turned the knob. 

Lord, please don't let me pass out now. 

Cause if there is even the slightest chance of him taking advantage of my young supple form... 

I won't be awake to enjoy it.

The room was dim and quiet when I entered. The blinds on the windows were drawn and no lamps were turned on, leaving the room shrouded with a slight air of mystery. 

His desk of red mahogany stood proud in the center of the surprisingly roomy office, and there, with his chair facing away from me where I stood, sat Mr. Jackson. 

The silence was deafening, and I could feel my nerves beginning to take over once more. 

"Um..." I heard myself begin, and I inwardly cringed at how 
childish my voice sounded to my own ears. "You called me sir?" 


Just outside the window, a tumbleweed went along its merry way. 

"Uh...Mr. Jackson...?" I asked, a little louder. 

What was with the silent treatment all of a sudden? 

Was I in that much trouble? 

Just what in the 
hell did I do? 

However, I didn't have much time to ponder what I could have possibly done because at the moment he suddenly turned around in his chair, revealing himself to me. 

And he looked downright 

I could feel myself visibly gulping. 


Leaning forward slightly, he brought his palms together and set his elbows onto the deck, his dark eyes never leaving mine. 

"I think...we both know why you are here, Ms. Berry." he spoke, his words were calculated and his jaw was tight...as if he were trying to contain just how angry he was. 

double sh!t.

I could feel myself blinking, now completely confused. 

"Wh-aa? I'm sorry, but I have no idea what's going on...or why I'm here...there must be some s-sort of mistake--" 

Aaaane! Wrong answer! 

The scowl on his face only deepened; my answer had only served to piss him off even more. 

Somewhere deep inside, I could feel myself strangely turned on by it. 

I'm gonna buuuurrrn. 

He suddenly sprang up out of his seat, and began to walk over to where I was trembling by the door. 

"I'll have you know, Ms. 
Berry...that I rarely make mistakes...." he practically hissed as his somewhat maintained control was now beginning to slip. He was now a couple feet away from me. "Don't act like you don't know what you gone and did, girl." With his anger, his professionalism was begging to crumble and his southern twang fought its way to the surface. 

And then all of a sudden it was like a light bulb had gone off in my head. 

triple sh!t. 

I had completely forgotten about how I ditched my Pre-Calculus class for several days following the "Incident" due to my extreme embarrassment. 


"Oh! I-I can explain--!" I sputtered stupidly under his intense stare. 

Explain what? That you ditched Pre-Calc because you were caught having a wet dream about HIM, and thoroughly embarrassed by it? 

Oh yeah, good luck with that. 

I stood there, my eyes wide and nervously anticipating what was to happen next. 

However to my surprise, Mr. Jackson just stood there; studying my form as if...he were looking for something. His eyes, still angry, were now swirling with something I couldn't quite make out...but it had me shaking. 

I then took note of how close he was to me; he was literally an arms length away. If I wanted to, I could just reach out and grab... 

Stop! Get a hold of your self! 

Even so I found myself nervously licking my lips. 

However, what happened next had me completely and utterly stunned. 

For when I had licked my lips, Mr. Jackson's eyes widened before they helplessly followed the movement. 

What the--? 

"Ms. Berry, you've gone and broken of this school's most important rules." he suddenly broke though my suddenly harried thoughts. 

He moved closer still, and I could now feel the heat radiating off of his body. I was suddenly aware of just how
tall he really was; he towered over my smaller 5'3 form. 

And now I have no choice but to take disciplinary action against you." he practically growled, and I resisted the urge to shiver.

My God, he was so effing sexy...and he was so close too...I could make out the scent of his cologne... 

The man was killing me here. 

I suddenly felt a strange shiver go down my spine, and I looked up to see him staring intently at me with a strange look in his eyes. I watched, now breathless as his eyes slowly scanned the length of my body, working their way up. To my surprise, they lingered on my breasts and he licked his own lips, before his eyes met mine once again, hooded with something I could now make out; as I had seen it so many times before on the faces of boys who had tried to get with me in the past. 

There was no mistaking it; not one bit. 

Mr. Jackson...however farfetched it might have been, wanted me. 

Quadruple sh!t. 

Nervously, I licked my lips again, and I watched as his eyes darkened even more before his lips curved into a boyish smirk. 

Oh god...by now my panties were so wet I could feel my clamped legs sliding a bit 

He took yet another step closer, and now he was only a couple of inches away from me. 

I began to nervously bite my lip. 

Damn girl..." he hissed and I felt myself trembling again as I suddenly felt the warmth of his palm sear the skin of my cheek. 

Oh god... 

Was I dreaming?

He now was lightly stroking the skin of my cheek, leaving tingles in their wake. I involuntarily leaned into his palm and he made a noise in his throat that was a cross between a moan and a sigh. 

"Girl," he sighed as his hand found it way into my thick tresses, hopelessly entangling in it. "I don't want to have to do this girl...but Imma have to punish you." 

His words, we both knew by now weren't merely a statement. 

No, they were a 

As my eyes found his once again, I could clearly see it now...the want and desire that ran through us both...and threatened to completely and utterly 
consume us. 

“Ms. Berry,” he suddenly whispered, as his eyes burned into mine. “I know what you want.” His hands smoothed helplessly over my cheek once more as his eyes softened with something that made my heart stop. “And I just wanted to let you know, that I want the same thing as well…
so much…” 

I was a mess. I could feel myself mere seconds away from hyperventilating. 

If this turned out to be another dream, I think I’m gonna scream.

© illusion