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14 July 2010 @ 03:33 pm
Don't Think I Can?  


Talk about chillin'!! Fair enough, Michael didn't have any official appearances planned for the next couple of weeks, and Prince and Paris were at Mrs. Katherine's house, but he really let loose now! His smooth black hair was loose and reached just below the shoulders, he wore PJ bottoms or faded jeans, (sometimes he was shirtless too...) his face had a very suitable five o'clock shadow, and I would often find him running around barefoot on the grass outside the house. Every now and then I would catch him with hoops, swinging the ring around his slender waist, seeing the sweat form on his firm torso.....and eventually he would leap out of the hoop ring and into the pool.
We had pizza for breakfast and icecream for lunch, and every second night we got 100% drunk and wasted. I say «every second night» because that's literally what happened. We'd get wasted on Monday and had to spend Tuesday to nurse the hangover before we did it all over again on Wednesday.

As I pondered over the events from the past few days, I was awoken by a shout. I looked up from my spot on the grass and saw Michael on the diving board: «Hey, Sarah! Check this out!!!» and then he did a somersault through a hoop ring before hitting the water. I couldn't help but applaud. «You're such a kid, Applehead!!» I was met with a grin, and remembered how all this had begun: just before Prince and Paris left for their grandmother's house, Michael and I talked about all the fun we'd had at Neverland in the early 1990's. Giving him a playful look, I said: «I bet you can't live on pizza for breakfast and icecream for lunch for five days! In fact, I don't think you can live as you did in 1991!» «Don't think I can, huh?» he challenged me. And so it happened: no sooner had Prince and Paris left Neverland before Michael let loose. I still laugh when I recall his very first action: he waved goodbye to his kids, and as soon as the car was out of sight, he took his shirt off, took out the band that held his hair in the trademark ponytail, marched into the kitchen, got a can of beer and slumped onto the couch with his bare feet on the table. That's how I found him – and it made it all the more amusing that he was watching an episode of The Simpsons...and Homer was laying on the couch just like Michael was!
But truth be told: it was difficult to see him act like a child. To see him shirtless and in jeans, jumping into the pool, and see that firm, juicy ass of his in the wet jeans.....Lawd have mercy! Worst of all, I think he knew he turned me on, 'cause he would tease me mercilessly.
For example: during one of our drinking parties he had put on Marvin Gaye's «Sexual Healing», and had challenged me to a lap dance contest. «I'm not doing a lap dance, I don't know how to do it!» I had answered. Michael, who for the occasion had worn loose cotton pants and a white t-shirt, had swallowed another shot of vodka before giving me a shit-eating grin: «Want me to do it?» «Michael, you can't do a lap dance!» I had giggled. «Don't think I can??» and before I knew it, he gave me a lap dance, swaying his hips seductively over my abdomen. How he managed to do it in rhythm with the music was a mystery to me....but I had noticed that a bulge had started to form in his pants...fuck I had wanted so badly to reach out and grab it, but I had been completely paralyzed by the alcohol and the fact that Michael Jackson was giving me a lap dance.

Something hit me in the face, and I was once again awoken from my daydreaming. Whipped cream!? «...the fuck?!» I mumbled, only to see Michael at a distance with a Super Soaker in his hands. His hair was wet and clung to his shoulders, some strands clung to his neck, I could see his torso glistening with water from the pool, and the jeans were practically glued to his hips and abdomen. «Oh you are so dead!» I said as I leapt up and started chasing Michael around the ranch.

«Mercy!! MERCY!!» I shrieked, struggling to get loose. Michael had me pinned to the grass while shooting whipped cream and water in my face and mouth. I had gotten somewhat of a revenge, though...I had smeared his torso with cream wink.gif I begged for mercy one final time before Michael let go, hiccuping in laughter. I wiped the cream away from my eyes and nose and turned to him. I couldn't believe it: he was 41 years old and the father of two children, and here he was playing around like a child! «OK, enough now!! I'm hungry...» I whined, and Michael helped me up. «Race ya!!» and he took off. I sighed: «Oh god, not again...» I tried to keep up with him but it was no use. He was way faster than I was. We made it to the house where we calmed down enough to make lasagna. (I was used to having the food served us by the chef at Neverland, because that's what had always happened when I was there, but he had been given some time off, and Michael had impressed me with his cooking skills. Another of the «Don't think I can??» things...)
We chatted about everything, nothing and anything inbetween, like we always did. I'd met Michael in 1988 when I was 17 and worked as a maid at a hotel he was staying at in Ireland. It had been an awkward first meeting, as I had collapsed in the elevator and woke up in his room, surrounded by bodyguards. When I was awoke enough, Michael had his personal physician examine me and concluded that I was just exhausted. Michael, being the caring soul he always was, had called the hotel management and insisted I was given the rest of the day off. I'd spent the rest of the day in his hotel room where we had started talking – and basicly we hadn't stopped talking during the 11 years that had passed since then! We knew everything about eachother, but always found something to talk about.
No wonder we knew eachother inside out...I'd been his girlfriend during the Dangerous tour. Michael was the man who gave me my first kiss and the one I gave my virginity to. But there was drama on the tour: one of Michael's dancers, Randy, had a crush on me...and I had a crush on him too. Eventually Michael and I agreed that – with no hard feelings – we'd end the romantic relationship and remain friends. He married and divorced twice in the meantime, whereas I was together with Randy. We broke it off in 1997, and remained friends.
«Whatcha thinkin' of, hon?» Michael's deep voice sounded through the room. I smiled – he put on that high pitched voice in public, but to his children, family and closest friends, he revealed a deep, masculine (and sexy!!) voice. «Just thinkin' about us, ya know...how we're still friends after 11 years!» He handed me a glass of wine and poured one for himself. «Didn't expect that when ya fell in the elevator, huh gurl?» I giggled – it wasn't our first glass of wine this day, and he always got a Southern accent when he drank! «No, certainly did not!» I sat up on the kitchen counter as Michael placed the lasagna in the oven. «Wish I could do magic so the food could get done just like that!» he snapped his fingers when he said the last word, and to illustrate the point, his stomach growled loudly. «Shuddup you, you're gettin' some in a while!» he smacked his stomach. I giggled so much I choked on the wine, and Michael patted my back until I was okay. «Easy now, gotta leave some space for tha food!» He said with a playful grin. «Yeah sure, I will! Don't worry...» I jumped up on the kitchen counter and sat there, and after another sip of the wine, shouted: «HEY!» Michael spun around, his hair was still a little wet and it smacked him in the face and neck. Shit, the sight of those long black strands clinging to his neck and jawline....!!! «What?» «C'mere!» I said. He came closer, and when he came close enough, I locked my legs around him in one swift movement. His body was now dangerously close to mine. «You've forgotten something...» I said in an innocent voice. «What's that?» he asked. Before he could react, I had hoisted myself up on his hips; my legs were locked around his waist and my arms held tightly around his broad shoulders. «You forgot to hug me!» I giggled. He gave a low-throated chuckle and hugged me back....well, we had already hugged for a few seconds, as I was practically glued to him! Gawd, he smelled so good.....I just wanted to flick out my tongue and lick his skin...

A sudden movement from Michael's part startled me: he shifted his hands from my back to my butt in a split second. Now he was cupping my buttocks in his large hands. I exclaimed a short «Ah!» when he did it, and he chuckled. «I had to get a better grip, gurl, otherwise I'd had dropped ya..» I could hear he was smiling, and tightened the grip I had with my legs around his waist. «Yeah? It seems you've gotta pretty good grip now!» Was it just me or did he massage my ass for a second? «Mmmm you smell good» I whispered without thinking. He sighed: «You smell good too, hon.» «Can I kiss you?» I swear that was not me, it was the wine inside my guts speaking. «Sure» Michael answered. Normally I'd just give his lips a short kiss without thinking, but keep in mind...tenstion + wine + a large empty mansion + being alone with the sexiest creature of all time =......
I moved my head back and captured his lips with mine, I could taste the sweet wine on the inside of his luscious lips. For whatever reason, we frenched kiss from the beginning, and I started swaying my hips back and forth. My legs were still tight around Michael's waist, but I still managed to move my hips. I simply couldn't help it, the lust and alcohol became too much...

I could feel him harden.

He moaned against my lips and broke the kiss. «Goddamn gurl, if you keep that up I'ma do somethin' to ya...» I giggled: «Like what? Lay me on the table and eat my pussy out? You don't have the guts, Applehead!» His dark eyes became darker: «Don't think I can, huh?»
How it happened? Don't ask me. It happened so fast and yet it was in slow motion: he slammed me onto the table and ripped my shorts off. His long white fingers found the brim of my panties, and he jerked them down. «HOLY SHIT!!!» I moaned when I felt his warm mouth and wet tongue against me. His tongue began exploring every inch of my womanhood as I laid helplessly on the table, holding onto the sides of it for support. «Oh FUCK don't stop!» I breathed. He started massaging my clit with his fingers: «You want more, huh?» «Yessssss....» He rewarded my answer with a wet kiss on my clit. «What do you want, gurl? Tell me...» I was getting seriously lost already: «Mmmmmm lick me!» Another wet kiss. «Where do you want to be licked?» he teased me. I couldn't take it any more: «Fuck my pussy with your tongue!!» I shouted. «As you wish...» he murmured, and he did as I had begged of him. Oh......my..........holy........shit!!!!! Was there anything that man couldn't do? His tongue darted in and out of my pussy, and his fingers immediately found my clit. I was squirming beneath him, I was still surprised at the suddenness, but mostly I was on a highway to heaven, and his mouth was the ticket. He closed his mouth over my womanhood, and I was 100% done for. «Oooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!» I groaned in ecstacy. He made some sounds which vibrated against my pussy, intensifying the pleasure. Shit, he had never been this rough with me when we were a couple!
I felt myself nearing climax, and buried my fingers in his hair. «I'ma cum, Mike! I'ma....oh....oh....ooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUCK!» I came – and boy did I come good! I arched my back in pleasure and I swear my hips were vibrating. Michael didn't flinch, though. He stayed where he was, licking me.
When I finally got back down from my orgasm-high, I opened my eyes and looked at Michael. He stood above me, slowly licking his lips. «Hmm....tasty juices, gurl. Dessert before dinner!» I giggled and slapped his arm. «Shut it!» I was still dizzy from the alcohol and the orgasm, so when I tried to sit up and get off the table, I failed spectacularly. A large THUD! made Michael shriek in laughter. I rubbed my butt from my newly found position on the kitchen floor: «..the hell is so funny?» He didn't answer, he just laughed and laughed....and naturally I laughed along. Michael's laugh was so infectious you couldn't help but laugh along! He reached out his hands and helped me get up. Just to be a rascal, I grabbed his butt and squeezed it when I got up. «That's for laughing at me!» I grinned. He grabbed my butt and pulled me close to him in the blink of an eye, our abdomens were rubbing against eachother.
He was still hard. Rock hard.

The look in Michael's eyes said more than a thousand words ever could. Never breaking eye contact, I slowly knelt down in front of him, kissing my way down his slender torso as I did so. Michael tossed his head back with a deep sigh. His skin was so soft, so smooth, and it tasted soooo good. I placed my hands on his hips as I let my tongue circle his bellybutton before slowly moving my mouth to the top of his jeans. Just to tease him, I licked and kissed the skin just above his pants while slowly letting my hand go from his hips, down his outer thighs before going slooowly up his inner thighs. «Oh fuck, touch me!» he breathed. I didn't hurry, though...I kept a slow pace as my hand slowly went up his inner thigh before finally resting the palm of my hand on his bulging crotch. A long «aaahhhhhhhhhh» escaped Michael's lips when I started rubbing it. I knew what he wanted and needed, and I didn't have the heart to tease him anymore, so I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His black boxers followed within a split second, and for the first time in years I looked at the most glorious part of his body. Big, rock hard, fully erect, and just begging for my mouth to suck it. Inviting...just as I remembered it. I french kissed the tip, causing Michael to suck in a breath. I felt his long fingers in my hair, gently pushing my head towards his crotch. I opened my mouth and took in as much as I could, using my hand on the rest. «Aaaahhhhh fuuuuck gurl, that's it!» he breathed. As I continued to softly suck him, he kept his hands on my head, but he didn't push me. With my mouth still wrapped around him, I hummed, and the vibrations gave Michael even more pleasure. «Oooh SHIT do it again!» he moaned. I kept humming, and he kept moaning. Gawd, he tasted so good!! I increased the pace ever so slightly, and Michael's moaning became more and more erotic. I gave him one deep suck before continuing softly, and I sent up a prayer of thanksgiving to the higher powers when I heard Michael's moaning becoming the exact same as in «In The Closet».
He curled his fingers in my hair, an act that meant he was close to climaxing. «Ooooooh.....mmmmmyea I'm gonna cum gurl! I'm gonna....oh..ooooh....!!!!!» his shaft twitched in my mouth before firing off that sweet juice I had longed to taste again. He gave me mouthful after mouthful, and I swallowed every drop. Michael's hips buckled as the orgasm rode him, and when he opened his eyes again, I was busy pulling his clothes back on. «Wow...» he whispered. «Yeah, and then some!» I grinned before reaching over and getting my panties and shorts off from the floor.
A chiming ding! from the stove signalized that the lasagna was done, and as Michael took it out of the oven, I sighed: «Hmmm...not really sure if I'm hungry....I just had dessert, and so did you!» He gave me a shit-eating look before playfully smacking my boobs with the little towel: «Always room for more, hon!»

«Holy shit, was that you!?!» I shouted after what must have been the loudest burp in history had just thundered through the room. I swear to God, the windows were vibrating! Michael exhaled and stretched his arms above his head. «Aaahhhhh....been waitin' a while for that one!» He placed his hands on the back of his head and looked at me with a satisfied smirk. Obviously he was very proud of himself. I stared at him in disbelief for a few seconds before we both cracked up in laughter – for the umteenth time that day! «Didn't know you had that one in ya, Mike!» I laughed. «Well I did! And there's a lot more where that came from!» he laughed in return. «Oh hell no, no more burping, please!! I'ma puke if you burp again...» I whined before I slipped off the chair and sunk onto the floor. «I'm STUFFED!» I groaned from underneath the table. Seeing Michael's bare feet made the inevitable happen: I quickly grabbed one foot and started tickling it. The result was a high-pitched «NO!» followed by shrieking and twitching, before he too fell to the floor. For a split second I pondered what was going on: oral sex one minute, playing like children the next! «OK time-out!» Michael finally managed to holler after a few minutes of wrestling on the floor. «Time-out....» he panted. «Let's calm down.....» We managed to get up from the floor and stood still just to calm our breaths down. «I got a suggestion,» Michael said, «...how about we go to our rooms and just chill for an hour or two? Then we'll talk later about what we do tonight?» I nodded: «Sounds like a good idea! See ya!» «See ya» we gave eachother a friendly kiss on the lips before we headed to our separate rooms.

I immediately headed for the shower to get rid of the remains of whipped cream and water on my body, plus the fact that my panties were still wet after Michael's fantastic licking of me earlier.... After the shower I made myself a cup of tea (Michael had given me an electric water boiler to keep in my room) and relaxed naked on the bed with my favourite novel and the tea. The window was open and the lace curtain swayed softly in the breeze, but no one could see me through the window anyway, so yes, there had been times when I'd walked around in that room completely nude. So what?
After about one and half a hour, my cellphone beeped, Michael had sent me a message. «Fancy clothing tonight, we're gonna party. Bottom stairs at 7.» Okey-dokey! I went in the closet to find a halterneck top and a pair of short denim shorts. The halterneck was black and the dark blue denim had patterns with rhinestones on it, so it was fancy enough for a party in one of the rooms at Neverland. High heeled stilettos completed the outfit, and within a few minutes my make-up was done. At 7 PM I stood at the bottom of the stairs and waited for Michael.
«I never get used to the sight of your juicy ass in those shorts!» his voice sounded behind me. I turned around and smiled at him walking down the stairs. He had pulled his black hair into a sleek ponytail again, and oh my fucking god, his clothes looked so good on him! Leather pants «Come Together» style and a super-tight white t-shirt that clung to his torso. If any other man had worn that t-shirt, he would have been called «gay» within a second, but not Michael. He was the only man who could wear flashy jewelry, sparkling jeans or tight shirts – the only thing he was called when he wore that was «Lawd have mercy, he's hot!» And that's exactly what went through my mind when I saw him. If he could be frisky, so could I: «Thanks for the compliment! And for the record, I never get used to how well you fill out your pants!» His response came in the form of a naughty grin followed by a quick peck on my lips. «Where are we gonna party tonight?» I asked. «The theatre.» he said, and so we walked out the door and headed towards the theatre at the ranch.

I knew the place inside and out. There wasn't an inch at Neverland Valley Ranch that I didn't know about, be it inside the houses or outside on the property. Well....so I thought. When we arrived at the theatre, Michael guided me to a heavy door that said «Electricity: Do Not Enter!». He unlocked it and we went inside. There were no electronics inside, the sign on the door was fake.
I gawked at what was before me. A tiny bar, with the desk and lights and everything! A top-modern stereo, a bar with all kinds of bottles you could possibly imagine, soft cozy armchairs and cute tables, and in the corner of the room hung heavy velvet curtains. A long «Wooooooooow!» escaped my lips as I took it all in. Michael was already in the bar finding a bottle of vodka for us to start with. «Clean or blended?» he asked, by which he meant if I wanted my drink to be just vodka, or vodka and juice. «Blended..» I breathed in response. I didn't really pay attention to him, I was busy taking in this secret and awesome room! It had no windows, but obviously an aircondition system, because despite the many tealights in the room, the air didn't feel heavy. The reddish glow of the light made the room seem cozy, yet inviting and sexy. «Could you turn the music on? Silver remote, green button, then second to the left.» he instructed me. I did as he asked of me, and Etta James' sexy jazz classic «I Just Wanna Make Love To You» came on. I couldn't help but laugh a little before I grabbed the glass Michael handed me. «Cheers!» we both said in union before we swallowed the drink in one strong gulp. Well, I drank it in one gulp, Michael took two. As in slow motion I saw how his head was bent backwards as he drank the alcohol. His gorgeous neck was exposed, and the silky soft and shiny black strands of hair gently caressed the skin....
He swallowed the drink and exhaled loudly. «One blended, one clean to go...» he grinned and took my glass to refill it with pure vodka this time. «We can't dance to this one, Applehead! We need a different tune!» I mock-complained. He handed me the glass and we toasted and swallowed the content in one solid gulp. The alcohol burned in my mouth and throat, and the buzz was hitting my head already. «One mo-» «Shhh...» Michael silenced me by putting a finger to my lips. This sudden movement startled me, and I found myself looking helplessly into his dark brown eyes...which thanks to the burning teacandles in the room had a golden glow. «No more drinks just yet...let's dance!» he said in a deep voice. He moved away from me and hit «Shuffle» on the remote. Jackpot – Alice Cooper's «Poison» blasted through the speakers! And even though Michael was Michael Jackson the entertainer, I'd seen a different side of him, one that no one knew about. In situations like this, on a dancefloor in his own home, he didn't do the moonwalk or any of his more typical movements – he danced like the average man...only better.
Song after song was being played, and Michael and I danced and danced. Everything from salsa to swing to waltz to disco to....phew! I finally found the remote under one of the tables (apparently, we had hit the table so that it had falled down) and hit the «Stop» button. «TIME OUT, please!!» I hollered. «Need a drink?» Michael asked. «Yes please!» He took on the role as bartender again. «Queen or sex?» he asked, by which he meant the drinks «Bloody Mary» and «Sex on the beach». «Sex» I simply answered, and he mixed them. My attention was drawn to the large velvet curtain in the corner. «Well that's a little misplaced...» I thought out loud. «Whaddya mean?» Michael asked. «That curtain in the corner....shouldn't be there.» I said as a matter-of-factly. OK, I guess I was more drunk than I thought I was....
I stood with my back against the bardesk, my elbows rested on top of it. Suddenly Michael stood in front of me with his hands on the bardesk behind me. I swallowed. «What are you doing?» The question came in a whispering voice. Michael gave me that naughty boy smile that only he could do: «Go and see what's behind it,» he said. I slowly walked over to the curtain when I jumped. Michael had turned on the stereo, and for a change, one of his songs was being played! «Come Together» sounded through the room as I reached out to pull the curtain aside. With one quick movement of my arm, the curtain was pulled aside.

I froze. It was a small stage with a pole in the middle. A dancing pole.

«Holy shit...» was all I could manage to whisper. Who would have thought that Michael Jackson had a secret stripping salon in his theatre!? I turned around slowly, only to be met with Michael looking oblivious. «What? Why are you looking at me?» he asked. I was still in shock as I whispered: «It's a stripping pole...» He handed me my drink and I tossed the straw aside and drank it all quickly. «Fuck, you're one hell of a drinker, lady!» Michael exclaimed. The CD shuffled again, and Def Leppard's «Pour Some Sugar On Me» was being played. A nasty thought began to form inside my alcohol and lust-infused mind...
«You have a pole, but I bet you don't know how to use it!» I said teasingly. Michael raised an eyebrow at me. «Oh yeah?» «Yeah...I don't think you could work that pole and strip even if your life depended on it!»
He sat his glass on the table and walked towards me. His magnetic eyes bore into mine. The predator was about to capture its prey....
«Don't think I can, huh?» he breathed, and before I could say anything, he had rewinded the song so it started from the beginning again, and he positioned himself next to the pole with his right hand wrapped around it. Everything that exists in this world could never have prepared me for what I was about to see...

Step inside
Walk this way
You and me babe

The heavy beats began working the room, and Michael began working the beats. He had always had an androgynous look to himself, but I never expected this. He flung his leg around the pole and swung around it, he tossed his hair, worked his hips against the pole...he danced with that pole as any female stripper would have done! I was floored...and turned on.
Sometime in the middle of the second verse, the show took a new turn. Michael turned to me and stared right into my eyes. I stared in total shock and awe as his large hands went from the pole down his body to the belt. I swallowed when I realized what was about to happen....
His long fingers undid the belt and he ripped it off in perfect tune with the music. He swung it over his head like a lasso before he tossed it through the room – it barely missed my head. He turned around so his back was facing me, and swaying his hips like a pro bellydancer he began to lift his shirt over his head. I crossed my legs in a frantic attempt to stop the aching between my legs, but it was hopeless.

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can't get enough

I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet yeah

He flung his tight T-shirt over his head and tossed it in my direction in the same movement as he spun around. The music was so loud he didn't hear me moan in pleasure...I hoped. He let his hands touch his stomach before slowly sliding them up his chest before once again reaching out to the pole and swinging his leg around it. He humped the air between himself and the pole....gawd!! He turned to me once again. His slender, muscular torso swaying to the heavy beats and his long fingers unzipping the pants has me hypnotized.....Add to the fact that his dark brown eyes stared deep into mine! No wonder I was floored.....This man who most people considered to be a combination of cute and handsome was now the very epitome of sex...and he was right in front of me, making me hornier than I had ever been in my entire life.
As the guitar solo began, he intensified the dance. He had a naughty smile upon his face as he turned around and swayed his hips seductively. Damn that juicy ass in those tight leather pants!! I was so turned on that all I really wanted was to reach into my panties and make myself cum, but I was paralyzed by the beautiful personification of sex in front of me.

You got the peaches, I got the cream
Sweet to taste, saccharine
'Cos I'm hot, say what, sticky sweet
From my head, my head, to my feet

Do you take sugar? One lump or two?

Take a bottle, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up...

Watching Michael do his thing finally became too much for me. He had sexed me up so badly, I couldn't take it. I unzipped and unbuttoned my shorts and slid my hand into my wetness. I slowly tossed my head back with a long sigh as my fingers began rubbing my clit. I saw Michael continue his dance undisturbed, but he did lick his lips, though....
As the chorus began for the final time, he ripped his pants off in one swift movement to reveal the literally biggest surprise I could ever have anticipated: he was not wearing underwear. He was 100% NAKED under those leather pants! Wonder why I said he revealed the «biggest surprise»? He was semi-erect and on the rise. In perfect tune with the music he wrapped his fingers around his member and began stroking it, never missing a move. He pleasured himself while dancing with the pole Dirty Diana-live-on-stage-style. I rubbed myself faster, his cock was now fully erect.
I frantically reached for the remote and hit Rewind, making the song start again, as Michael stood in front of me with one giant leap. I grinned and said: «You want me? I bet you wouldn't know how to please me...» He pushed me against the couch with a sexy expression on his face. He pulled down my shorts and panties and positioned himself above me. «Don't think I can, huh?»

© Jaylee
heroxmyworldheroxmyworld on August 4th, 2010 07:17 pm (UTC)
this is hot!!!....is there any way possible that i can submit one of my stories to put on your site? if so then how? i've been trying to for a while now but idk