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07 January 2010 @ 11:28 am
Whipped II  


After several wonderful sexual experiences with Michael Jackson, we had decided to date exclusively. it had been 10 days since we had first met and i was already crazy about him. and he seemed to be pretty crazy about me.We had sex all the time. we would only stop to sleep or shower.and in the shower we had more sex. My whole body as more defined after all of the 'exercise' as was his. his beautiful milky stomach was toned and his arms were more muscular. his whole body got more beautiful everyday. sometimes i would just stare at him while he slept. as soon as he opened his eyes... it was on.

"AAHHH!!! Oh baby... Don't stop!!!!" i groaned loudly as he gyrated inside of me. "You like it?" he panted as he gripped my legs tighter. "OOOOHHH YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!" i bellowed as the tingling warmth of my climax prickled thru my body. "Ah..Ahh... AHHHHH!!!" he moaned as his cum spurted into me. "Ohhhhh..." i sighed sweetly as he collapsed on top of me. "Whoaa... ohhh... god that was... crazy..." he laughed thru his panting.we remained motionless for a few minutes. "Ready?" he finally asked. "Ha. yeah." i chuckled at how good i had it. He giggled and climbed back on top of me. just then my phone rang. "Shit." i reached over to grab it. "jake?" he raised one perfect eyebrow. i nodded and answered,"Hello?". "Come pick up your shit. keys under the mat." jake mumbled on the other end. "oka--"i was cut off. "Motherfu-- he just hung up on me!" i rambled.

"Haha, i guess we better go get ur stuff huh?" michael laughed as he got up and got his pants on. "i guess." i got out of bed slowly and reached for my bra. as i started to get dressed i noticed he had stopped and was gawking at me. "What?" i blushed. "You know... It should be illegal for u to wear clothes." he bit his lip. i sauntered over to him with my jeans undone so he could see the brim of my panties. "I was just thinking the same thing." i threw my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a hot wet kiss. he plunged his hands down the back of my pants to grab my ass. "Mmmm... no babe we gotta go." i sighed in his mouth."Ooh... do we have to?" he whined sexlily, "I REALLY want... to fuck you". i giggled and pulled away.

as we drove out of the gates of neverland he grabbed his fedora and sunglasses from the backseat. we drove for about 30 minutes before michael turned down the radio. "You know this is the longest we've gone without... ya know." he smiled. "Yeah huh?" i giggled. "It driving me crazy... i want you...all the time. Cant be healthy." he laughed. "Ha. how but a little something for the drive?" i leaned over and unzipped his pants. "Whoa! What are you doing?!" he laughed nervously.i pulled out his penis and took it in my mouth. "Oh boy... What are-- we cant do-- OOOhhh Boyyyy..." he was gripping the steering wheel with so much force i thot he might break it. "Mmm..." i wrapped my tounge around him and slid up and down his shaft. "Uhhh...ohhh...babyyy... that's amazing..." he moaned. I continued to suck him untill we were about 5 minutes from jake's house, then i let him cum. "Ahhh! Im cumming! ah, shittt!" he gasped. I swallowed everydrop of his warm fluids and sat back up with a self satisfied smile on my face. "Girl you're crazy..." he chuckled thru his panting.

we pulled up to the apartment and i noticed jakes car was not there. Michael smiled and got out of the car. he ran around and opened my door for me. When we got to the door i bent over to get the key from under the mat and Michael suggestively grinded his package against my ass. i laughed and pushed him away. i turned the key in the lock and cautiously opened the door. "Jake?" i shouted into the empty apartment. "It's empty." michael said quietly as he pushed me inside. "theres my stuff" i kicked a box on the floor. I picked it up "Kay let's go." i turned to leave. his arm stopped me, "Hey what's your hurry? i dont even get the grand tour of good ol' Jakey's abode?" he acted insulted. "Alright just real quick." i rolled my eyes. as we went throught the small apartment he asked, " can u Show me everywhere you guys had sex?" I laughed. "Thats easy, Hes not much of an adventurer." i led him to the bedroom.

He walked over to the bed which was covered in ratty mismatched bedding. it had no headboard and squeaked awfully loud when jake would attempt to fuck me. "so...This is it." he raised his eyebrows. "Yeah." i folded my arms across my chest. Next thing i knew he tackled me on to the bed and ripped my shirt off. He roughly kissed me as he undid his belt. "Michael!!!! Are you nuts!!!???" i tried to push him off of me. "Don't try to fight it... There aint nothing that you can do." he smiled wickedly. "Get off!" i pushed him harder. "This is jakes room! Get OFF OF ME!!!" i slapped him as hard as i could. That just made it worse. he pinned me down while straddling me. he took one hand and pulled my hair savagely. "Ahh!" i screamed in pain. "Yeah Scream for me again baby..." he moaned he took his belt and smacked it across my thighs. even tho i was wearing jeans it still hurt real bad... i hated that he was turning me on so much. "AAAHHH!" i yelped. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard..." he growled, "I'm not gonna stop till we break his cheap-ass bed..."he pulled my pants off and tore my panties off. "Ahhh Mike!" i pulled his body close to mine in a moment of weakness. he pulled away and started unbuttoning his shirt. i sat up and impatiently ripped his shirt open sending buttons flying across the room. "Hurry!" i whispered loudly as i jerked his pants down. "Oh you need it bad huh?" he laughed sinisterly as he pulled the rubberband from his hair. " Ooh... yes." i said with i smile as a wrung my fingers thru his sexy black locks. He flipped me on my stomach and smacked my ass. We hadn't had really rough sex since our first time so i was so excited to travel down that road again. He smashed my face into the matress passionately and used my wireless lace bra to bind my hands behind me. "Yes! Oh Yesss! Do it!" i knew what he had in store for me. "Ima tear that ass up!" he panted as he searched for his belt. "Yeah... Ooh Do it hard for me..." i moaned. with that he smackd his belt across my ass. "OHHH!" i cried out. "Harder?" he laughed sinisterly. "Yeah... Do it harder baby..." i panted. he hit me again. "YEESSS!" i yelped. "Again!?" he grabbed my hair and lifted my so my back was against his chest. "Yeah... harder." i whimpered. "Ungh!" he grunted as he reached under me and smacked my pussy with his hand. "AHH!" i threw my head back so it ws resting on his shoulder. "Hmm, you like that?" he breathed in my ear as he smacked it again. "Mmm! Yess!" i growled animalisticly as strands of hair stuck to my face and neck. "Huh?!" he smacked harder. "AHHH!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!" i shouted at the ceiling. he pushed me back down and grabbed me by the hips. "Tell me how bad it hurts." he ordered. as i kneeled bent over in front of him he wrapped his belt around my waist. he pulled both ends like reins. "Tell me how fucking bad it hurts." he ordered again. "Ohhh Baby it hurts so bad... i need more." i begged. "Ungh!" he groaned as he entered my wet slippery pussy. "Ahhh! Thats it baby! Ffffuck mmmmeeee!!!!" i shouted. "Ohhh shhhittt..." he pulled my 'reins' tighter as he thrusted. the pressure of his belt stimulated my clit slightly. "Uhhh!" i moaned in ecstacy. "Come on baby..." he thrusted harder tickling my gspot. he felt so good inside of me. i could feel every vein... every ridge... in his huge dick. i could feel the blood throbbing in his erection. i could feel the cum just waiting to spurt out of it. "Ohhh godd i love what you do to me..." i moaned in utter bliss. "Hmmm.. love how u feel." he slowed. "Turn around i wanna look at you." he said untying me. I turned so i was on my back. He continued to move in and out of me slowly while he ran his fingers slowly down my chest... over my nipples lightly... grazing my trembling stomach... down my thighs to the backs of my knees. "Mmm..." i sighed. he then hookd his hands under my knees and pulled me closer. "Oh...Ohhh!" i was almost there... "Don't come yet... we just started baby... come on baby, ooh... so good". he whimpered. i sat up and pushed him gently down so he was resting on his elbows. i leaned back and rested on my elbows also so he could watch himself slide in and out of my pussy. he liked that. "Oh Gawwwdd!!! fffuck!" he threw his head back as i slid up and down slowly. my juices trickled down his member. "Oh my god... that feels... ohhh goddd..." he choked out. "ohh..." i let a small moan escape my lips. i moved up and down faster. "H-- Oh fffuck! OOOHHH!" he moaned frantically. "Ahh!" he stopped. "Ohhh Shit!" he pulled out of me. "Fuck... i almost...came." he panted. "Then why'd u stop?" i leaned over to kiss his neck. "Not till we break this bed." he pulled my face towards his and french kissed me for a second then he laid me back down. he grabbed his belt again and coaxed my legs open. He smacked me between my legs as hard as he could. "AAAAH!" i screamed in agony. He hit me again. "Ow!" i winced. "One more time" he said calmly. he whipped me once more. "AAAAAH!! OH SHIT!!!" i bellowed. "Finally." he said calmly. i could feel cool drops of blood oozing from my folds. i was tearing up, the pain was so severe. he took the tip of his penis and massaged my wounds with it. "Mmm..." i sighed in relief. When he pulled way i could see blood all over his member. "Lick it off." he ordered. i rose to my knees as he stood up off of the bed. i took hold of his manhood and suckled at the tip. i smeared the blood on my lips like lipstick and licked away all of the red on his dick. "Ooh... yes... keep on girl... thats good." he mumbled. as i licked the sides of his shaft he gently put his hand on the back of my head. "Ohhh...Baby, you have no idea... how good..." he choked out. i stopped and pulled him on top of me. "I want you." i whispered in his ear. "I want you too." he gasped as he lunged his wet dick inside of me. "Ah!" i gasped quickly. he began to rhythmically move in and out of me. it seemed like he was fucking me to a smooth up-beat latin song. i writhed under him in pleasure. he started pounding harder. his hair was sticking to his neck which was moist with perspiration. "Yeah michael, harder..." i clawed at his hips as if i could help him thrust any harder. He went faster.His face was strained like he was hurting. then all of the sudden, the bed gave. "Ungh!" we grunted simultaneously as the bed thudded on the floor. i began to laugh loudly. jake was gonna be pissed. he laughed with me and grabbed hold of my calves and held them above his head. "Now we can finish" he chuckled. he began to pump hard and fast. "OOH!" i shouted with a smile. "Yeah! Aaow! Come on girl!" he grinned. "Im gonna cum!" i yelled happily. I closed my eyes to brace myself for the ride. "Nah babe... Open your eyes. I want u to see me when ur cumming..." he panted. i nodded and pushed my hips towards his even more. "Ohhhh! OHHHH!!!" i groaned and closed my eyes. "Naw girl come on," he started, "Look at me... look at me....look at me..." he repeated in rhythmic moans with his thrusts i opened my eyes to see that he was hitting his peak. "Look at me... look, look at me...ohhhh loookk at meee..." he sighed as his hot fluids bursted through me. "Ahhhh!!" i moaned. he was right. as i looked into his eyes my orgasm had never been more intense. "You're so beautiful... i can't believe it..." he panted as he layed his head on my chest. "You're amazing darling..." i answered. just then we heard a truck pull up. "Shit!" i gasped.

we quickly got dressed and fixed the bed so it was barely standing. Michael grabbed my box and we headed for the door. Jake was sulking in his truck waiting for us to come out. michael chuckled and put the stuff in the truck of his car. "My key?" jake called from his window. "Under the mat." i answered shortly. "Hey, Nice to meet u jake i'm Michael..." michael sauntered over to the window of his car. my eyes widened. "She's great isn't she?" he gestured towards me. jake was turning red with anger. "Oh that reminds me..." michael pulled out his wallet and pulled out a few hundred dollars, "Sorry about your bed." he giggled and shoved the money in the window. "WHAT??!!" jake shouted in rage. "Sorry we gotta go home... let's do this again." michael smiled coyly, "This was fun".


Journal of The Indomitable and Audacious Xenedraxenedra on May 23rd, 2010 06:47 am (UTC)
OMG... MJ is bad ass! lol
roxanadepproxanadepp on June 17th, 2010 05:42 am (UTC)
This story was FUCKING AWESOME!!!
Nicole 'Nickie' PruittNicole 'Nickie' Pruitt on December 20th, 2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
Hey I just love this story! I'm like fascinated with S&M.. I think it's so interesting but I'm not sure if it's something I could get into personally lhh. Anyway when you're reading this I'd suggest listening to Bad (you know who this is by duh) and/or S&M by Rihanna. Fits the theme lol. :)