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12 December 2009 @ 02:05 pm
Description Of Michael Jackson  

This is going to be a description of Michael Jackson from head to foot and all the in between.O_O first of all, we have his head: the black hair, sometimes curly, sometimes straight, sometimes long, sometimes short but either way , it's totally sexy and the way he moves his head when he sings that makes you say uummmm. His eyes: they're brown, they're beautiful and they're dreamy. His nose, what can I say about that feature, it's always different, but totally adorable. His mouth: this should be rated X: the way he licks his lips, the fullness of his lips, that tongue, ^_^.... that pout, his teeth inside of his mouth are absolutely perfect. His ears: perfect and cute. His chest: ummm, what can I say, perfection with a plus, suckable. His arms: You just want to fall into them, they're long and thin. His hands: his hands are so big and his fingers, well that's a fantasy in itself, let's just say that I would like to have them all over me and I would even suck his thumb..O_O His stomach: I just want to lick it. His hips:the way they move, the imagination my mind goes through when I see him move his hips. His D---(uh-yeah, that)..fantasies..fantasies, long, hard, suckable, deluctable(is that a word).lol
His butt:perfectly shaped, you just want to grab it. His legs: totally to die for, long, slender, masculine. His feet: the way they move, the way his shoes fit, his socks, I would love to wear them after he did and never wash my feet. Michael Jackson is Total Perfection. I did forget to add his Sweat, that right there, I would love to bottle and drink!!