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17 October 2009 @ 11:19 pm
Love Story With Michael  

The year is 1991 and I pick up the newspaper and Oh my gosh, the front page says"Michael Jackson performing tonight" so my mind starts wondering and I'm already crazy for him so I think of a really good plot. In the news article it says that Michael is staying at the Ramada Inn and even mentions the city. So I walk to the phone and pick it up and get the phone number of that particular Ramada Inn. I'm nervous dialing the number and the clerk answers and I say" I would like to speak to Michael Jackson" and she says" I'm sorry, but Mr. Jackson is not accepting calls from anyone" and I say"well, I think he will accept this one, will you tell him that Tatum Oneal is calling" and she says"Tatum Oneal, really"? I give her my number and I'm anxiously waiting for the phone to ring, biting all of my nails and waiting for the ring.The phone begins to ring. Oh my god, I can't answer it, but I've got to. I say"hello" and it's him, Michael is on the line and he says"may I speak with Tatum Oneal, please" and I say"Is this Michael Jackson and he says"yes it is" and I am stunned, I cannot believe that he has just dialed my number and now I'm scared because he's going to get mad and then I hear"hello, is anybody there"? And I say "Oh, Michael, I'm sorry, but I lied to you so you would call me, I'm so sorry" And I hear this little laugh and he says"who is this, really"? I say 'well, my name is Linda Jackson and Michael I just wanted to talk to you so bad" and he interrupts me and says"Jackson, huh, I guess that's made up too" and I say "no,no, that is true, my last name is Jackson and I always tell people that you're my soul brother and they laugh at me because I'm white". he just bursts out laughing and says"I'm really flattered that you went through all this to talk to me, hey I'm going to take a shower, can I call you back in a few minutes"? I nervously say "yes" and he says give me 30 minutes and I'm calling you back." that is the longest thirty minutes of my life. The phone rings and I pick it up and he says"Miss Jackson, will you do me the honor of coming to my show tonight, I would like to meet you, you sound so cute". After I pick myself up off the floor I say"yes, I'll be there" . He says" when you get here, tell the light man you are here to see me and he will tell you what to do". I tell him okay and I will see him there. I pick out the prettiest dress I have and get ready. I'm still in shock, but I manage to get ready. As I arrive at the arena there are so many people, I'm wondering how I'm going to be able to carry this off and meet Michael. I manage to get inside and I walk over to the light man and tell him what Michael told me and he says"yes , i have already spoken with Mr. Jackson and he has informed me to tell you that you have a front row seat and he points out where I am to sit. I'm thinking how lucky I am because I have a front row seat. As I'm sitting there, I see someone motioning for me to come back stage and I get up and walk to the back and just as I walk around the corner some lady walks up to me and says " Are you Miss Jackson" and I say"yes, I am" and she says"I need to ask you to leave" and I say"why"? and she says" well, Michael already has a girlfriend, did you know that" and my heart sinks, I feel as if I have been kicked in the butt. I tell her no, I did not know that and she says, "well, he does". And I say"did he tell you to tell me this" she says"please leave, there has been a misunderstanding and you need to leave". I tell her"okay" and as I 'm walking away I am looking to see if I can see Michael, but he must be in the back getting ready and I'm thinking, he's never going to know that I was here. So I walk outside and I'm beginning to cry and looking back to see if maybe Michael is outside, but no luck. I leave and I am crying all the way home and wondering what just happened. I arrive at home and just go to bed crying. About 1:00 in the morning, my doorbell rings and I look out the peephole and I see a man standing there with red roses and I'm smiling and thinking what is going on. I wipe my eyes and open the door and a man says"these are for you" and I say"thanks" and close the door. They are beautiful and there is a note attached and I open the card and it says"Im sorry you were hurt and I would like to meet you Linda, please look out your window" and as I start crying from happiness I walk over to my window and there he is, I can't believe it. He's standing in by my tree with his arms folded and he's wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt and black tie and an armband and I'm so taken with his handsome face and he motions for me to come outside. All I am wearing is a robe and some skimpy pajamas and I decide just to go out like that and as I walk toward him, he starts to walk up to me and he says"Linda, I'm so sorry you were hurt, that was'nt my idea, that was my stage manager and she's jealous of my relations with women and he gets down on one knee and puts his head down and then looks back up and says"please forgive me, I would never hurt you like that" and I'm just stunned and I bend down to him and say" Michael, it's okay, it was'nt your fault" and as we stand up he takes my hand and kisses it. I start to cry and he says"what's wrong now" and I say"Michael, this has been a wierd day" and he snickers and says"I'm sure it has been a rough day for you, let me make it up to you" I invite him in and he is sitting on my couch and he says"are you aware that you are very lovely"? I say "no, Michael, I'm not" and he says"don't ever say that again, you are beautiful and girl where have you been all of my life" I can't believe he just said that and he stands up to kiss me and says "do you really like me that much to tell me your Tatum" and I laugh and say"I had to do something to get you to call me back". and he laughs and says"girl, what am I going to do with you"? I say"whatever you want" and he says"oh yeah, you like me that much" and I say "Michael, I'm usually not so open about my feelings, but being with you like this is a once in a lifetime dream and he takes me by the hand and places me on the couch beside him and begins to kiss me. Oh my god, this man is too hot with his white dress shirt and his black tie, my mind is thinking dirty thoughts as my body is now close to his and his long black hair falling on his collar and I just fall into his arms and he picks me up and carries me to my bed and lays me down and he gets in the bed and just lays beside me and we are face to face and he says"I don't want to take advantage of you, Linda and I'm not" and he touches my face with his hand and says"I already put you through enough today, just let me hold you and that will give me all the satisfaction I need" Is this man serious, I can't believe it, he is a true gentleman, oh I'm falling in love with him. As we lay there and I'm in his arms I tell him" Michael, will you make love to me" and he says "are you sure" and I say" Michael, I have never felt so sure about anything in my life" and he kisses me and whispers" I will do anything you desire Miss Jackson, after all you share me name, why not share my body" and I sort of laugh and stand up to remove my robe and pajamas I crawl back in the bed and he stands up to undress and I know I'm in Heaven now, oh my Gosh, look at that body. I knew under those clothes was a hot guy. He lays back in the bed and begins to lay on top of me and says" "what is yor desire" and I say"just kiss me" and he begins to kiss me and his body is laying on my body and his hot breath, I can feel just blowing on my mouth and that feeling alone is driving my insides wild, I can just feel myself getting wet and throbbing as if I'm already feeling him inside of me and he places his manhood in my body and the feeling is indescribable, he is so enormously huge and I wrap my legs around him and want all of him. He begins to moan slightly and I have
lost it, I am now at his mercy and my pleasure is his pleasure. His sweat is beading up n his chest and he is moving up and down so slowly as if he knows I want all of what he has and he say"God, you feel good inside, I'm not going to last long women, you are taking everything out of me and he screams aaaaaagh, oh damn woman and I'm screaming "Michael, give it to me,all of you" and he plunges all of his wetness into me and we are in ecstacy up in that cloud and he just lays inside of me and we have fallen in love and I am the happiest girl in the world.