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17 October 2009 @ 11:52 am
Michael And The Dildo  

Michael and i had an unusual friendship, we've known eachother since we were 21 and we were now 33.
Michael had just released a song called Black or white and it was expected to be big.
The reason our friendship was unusual was because we spoke about dark things with eachother that we wouldn't tell other people, on the outside, to the public, Michael was polite and angelic, and im not saying he wasn't but when he would speak to me, he would curse and talk about the women he fancied, and even sex. He could relax and act like a normal man.
I knew he was fairly experienced because he would tell me about it.
I was like his dark friend he could talk to about everything and anything, he'd ask for my advice when he had a "problem".
We were talking on the phone for a while, Michael was asking me what i thought of the video to his song black or white.
"I liked it, but Michael whats with the raunchy scene at the end, the panther scene where you are rubbing yourself and getting angry, are you sexually frustrated again?" i joked
"haha no, im not even going to bother explaining the video to you, but its basicaly my anger against racism and haters, with a few sexy clips for added effect i guess.." he replied
"so basicaly you're horny.." i laughed
"NO!.. well actually..." he paused "damn it, the last time i was with a woman was a year ago" he sounded surprised
"there's only so much masturbating a guy can do y'know" he laughed
The phone went quiet and his voice calmed.
"Oi.. Michael?"
"You're wanking right now aren't you?" i laughed
He just laughed it off.

Dirty bastard. I thought.
Actually, it kinda turned me on.

"Michael.. stop playing with yourself and entertain me" i said
"How would you like me to do that.." he answered

Oh god i could see where this conversation was heading..

"When was the last time you were with a man?" Michael asked
"Too long.. about 9 months, how bad.. ive just been too busy for commitments but i dont want to have a one night stand with someone i dont know.." i answered

I could hear a muffling noise down the phone as if there was something in the background
"What's that noise.." i asked
"Nothing..." he replied.
We started talking about our favourite sexual positions, and general sexual topics.
I laid back on my bed and started feeling more and more turned on as me and Michael spoke about sex i started to pleasure myself
Then i heard the doorbell ring.
Shit. I quickly shot up and straightened my clothes.
"Two secs Michael, someone at the door.."
"I know.." he said


I reached for the keys and unlocked the front door.
It flung open before me and Michael was suddenly up in my face.
He slammed the door behind him and shoved me against the wall.
"Oh my god, Michael!" i gasped
"Dont speak" he said as he pressed his mouth hard against mine
He had me against the wall in the hallway of my apartment, his big strong hands lifting me up against it as he forced his hot wet tongue in my mouth, tasting me real good.
He pushed his hot body hard against me, he was being rough with me, all those months of of deprivation, teasing down the phone had drove him to this. He was like an wild animal let loose.

"Bedroom. Now" he ordered, making me lead the way as he smacked my ass behind me so hard i yelped out

He looked so fine, white tshirt underneath an unbuttoned loose black shirt with black pants, MMM he looks just like the panther video, damn it turned me on.

I lead the way upstairs and when we got to my bedroom door, Michael forced himself on me as he pushed me inside, locking the door behind us
"you're gonna get it tonight" he growled
I could see the fire burning in his eyes
He pushed me hard onto the bed and stood infront of me as he started undoing his zip

"Now suck it.. " he commanded

"yes sir.." i took his huge pulsating cock into my mouth and sucked it hard..
"deeper..come on" he grabbed handfulls of my long hair as he thrust his hard manhood down my throat.

He was being so boisterous, he wanted to dominate me, and i intended to let him.
Id never seen him this horny before, he'd told me in phonecalls that sometimes he liked it rough, but i didn't expect this..

Michael pushed me back onto the bed and kissed me long and hard, he started rubbing his warm hard cock in the palm of his hand then grabbed me and pushed me onto my front.

"Ahh damn it Michael!" i screamed as he leaned over me from behind
He slid his hand underneath me and started fingering me from behind, playing with my wet clit, occasionally sliding his fingers inside.
Then he reached over and slid his fingers in my mouth making me taste myself
I started sucking his sexy long fingers which turned him on even more.
Michael took his massive throbbing cock and ran it between my legs, letting my juices run from front to back, he rested it against my ass for a moment.
O god please no, not my ass... not with that huge thing..
"Michael dont you da.."
Too late.
He sunk his huge pulsating demon inside..
It was so tight he couldn't fit all the inside without lubrication so he spat on his fingers and lubricated the area and eased it back in..

"OHH MY GOD!" i shouted
"Michael it hurts!"

He didn't listen and continued to pound me, grabbing and smacking my ass.
I grabbed hold of the sheets so hard and gritted my teeth shut, it hurt but it felt amazing..

After he pounded me some more i reached into my bedside drawer and pulled out my vibrator, and threw it to Michael.
He grabbed it and started to tease my clit with it, eventually sliding it deep within me, still pounding the fuck out of my ass

"oh damn girl i can feel it vibrating my cock from the other side, ahh ffuuccck, shitttt" he groaned

I reached down rubbed my clit, i was being pleasured from everywhere
I grabbed hold of the headboard and the more i screamed the harder he went

"yeah you like that dont you? getting fucked by my dick and your dildo at the same time, you nasty naughty girl" he leant over me and moaned

"oh shit Michaaeeel im gonna come! pleaseee slow down!" i cried

Michael took no noticed as he continued to drive it hard into me, nailing me to the core.

"ahhh shit ohh yesss yeaahh" he cried, he tensed his cock he was close to climax then he pulled it out and let himself come all over my back, whilst smackng my ass firmly with his hand.

Michael continued to fuck me with the vibrator whilst massaging his thumb over my throbbing clit, i could feel the orgasm heightening deep within
"Ohh Miiic, Miichaaeel shiittt ahh fuck!"

"thats it baby, come for me theres a good girl" he soothed
The pleasure shot all over my body as i had the best climax in history..

"Oh Michael that was amazing" i said as i collapsed underneath him

"You better not be tired already, ive got a years worth of fucking that i need to catch up on, i'm not even started.." he winked as he picked me up and dragged me downstairs....